Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

According to the current recommendations of Wisconsin Dental Association, ADA, and CDC, Modern Touch Dentistry office is now FULLY RE-OPEN for all appointments! Our office is at a new level of sterilization due to brand new advanced air-filtration and Ozone/UV Light sterilization. We also have several new protocols, including pre-screening, plexiglass barriers, and measures to reduce spraying and splashing, to help ensure you stay healthy after your dental visit.

We Work With You

Modern Touch Dentistry values dentistry as part of your regular healthcare, and we understand that your finances are important. 

During your first appointment we will take time to find a financial plan that works for you and your family. 

No Insurance? Scroll down to read about our SmilePlus Plan.

We accept a variety of insurances, which include but are not limited to Delta Dental, Connection Dental, Cigna Dental, and Premier Dental Group. 


No Insurance? No Problem.

We believe everyone should be able to access standard dental healthcare and cosmetic dental procedures.

That's why we offer our exclusive SmilePlus Plan to make dental healthcare and regular check-ups financially accessible to you and to your family --  even if you don't have dental insurance. No maximum to the benefits, no exclusions.

  • Each year, our SmilePlus Plan gives you...
    • 2 Cleanings
    • 2 Exams
    • 2 Fluoride Treatments (to prevent tooth decay)
    • 4 Dental X-Rays

This adds up to 35% Savings on your preventative care! We know that you may also need other dental treatments, so there's more:

you will receive 20% Off Any and All Dental Services!